According to demographers of the United Nations the world population will increase to one and a half times its current size within this century. To meet all the aspirations of this growing population the availability of sufficient energy and raw materials is crucial. The most important precondition in winning these is the livability of the planet. The availability of essential elements, such as water and food, is highly dependent on sufficient raw materials and energy.

For 2Ensure the future surety of raw materials and energy is an important source of inspiration.

The experience of founder Frans Föllings includes doing analytical studies, consultancy, designing, building and operating installations for the production of energy and the recycling of raw materials. After completing his study Applied Physics at the Eindhoven University of technology, he started his career at a specialized engineering firm in the field of renewable energy and energy storage. After managing a directing organization for the collection and treatment of domestic waste for a large number of municipalities in the South of the Netherlands, he fulfilled various positions within one of the largest companies in the Netherlands in the field of producing energy, producing fuels and the recovery of raw materials from waste.

After completing the study Electrical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of technology Co-founder Rignald Josepa began his career at a renowned electrical company in the East of the Netherlands. Partly on the basis of his experience in business, he then trained a large number of students in the higher technical education. In addition to the transfer of theoretical knowledge in the field of power electronics and electrical machines his work largely consisted of guiding students in internships and thesis projects carried out at a range of companies, including energy companies.

In addition to the two founders several specialists and researchers are connected to 2Ensure in order to be able to respond to various specific issues as well.